We offer you the following services:

Depending on your needs, all the possibilities for your travels

  • Single Race & round Trip

    When booking, tell us the format of your race. A one-way ticket? A back and forth? A trip with or without waiting time? Other combinations are also possible: for example, several people on the same vehicle travelling to different destinations.

  • Regular races

    You may have to make the same trip often. In this case, we will make you benefit from a flat price calculated at the fairest. It is with your full agreement that you will be able to take advantage of this particularly advantageous opportunity.

  • Special races

    We moving your documents or merchandise securely and with discretion.

  • Races for children

    It is important for us that children be transported in optimum safety conditions. We assume their various and necessary movements: home, family, school, College, sport, medical consultations etc...

  • Races for people with reduced mobility and seniors

    These people often ask for special attention. We know that, and that is why we provide them with the necessary help when they are travelling.

  • Minibus: An outing with your friends or a corporate evening?

    No matter how many people we have, we have the solution, thanks to our minibuses. We will respond very quickly to demand, in order to establish a schedule and a price.

  • To get to Geneva airport

    On Mondays evenings, Tuesdays evenings and Sundays evenings, enjoy a special price and especially advantageous to go to Geneva-Airport.

  • Races for or from abroad

    We will do whatever your needs, everywhere abroad, repatriation, business, leisure... We'll take you there, or come and get you.

  • Providing a private driver

    We will gladly make available to you one of our drivers (duration and conditions to be defined.)

  • Pet Shopping

    We have the necessary equipment to carry your pets in the best possible conditions.

Guided Tour

We will make you visit our beautiful area like no one else. We can bring in a translator if you wish, our drivers already speak French, English and Spanish.

  • Riviera Tour

    At the beginning of your site, we will take a tour of the Riviera passing through the Lavaux.

  • Charlie Chaplin Tour

    Discover the history of the great Charlie Chaplin by way of mythical places, such as its magnificent property.

  • Gruyère Tour

    Discover the mythical region of Gruyère and its beautiful landscapes, enjoy a tasting in front of a magnificent panorama at the end of the visit.

  • Other

    We are willing to make a guided tour of any place. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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