Why opt for our services?

We brought a great cool wind to the taxi service in the area, see for yourselves.

First, our services:

  • Taxi ride

    We put the flexibility of our services, the comfort of our vehicles as well as the sympathy of our drivers at your service, in Switzerland and destined for all Europe.

  • Advantageous package

    Take advantage of special packages when you are regularly prompted to ask for our services.

  • Races for children

    We transport your children in optimum safety conditions.

  • For people with reduced or senior mobility

    We are very willing to carry these people, providing them with the necessary help and attention.

  • Pet Shopping

    To guarantee the best possible conditions, some of our vehicles are equipped for the transport of your pets.

  • Transportation of objects

    We moving your documents or merchandise securely and with discretion.

  • Transport stations and airports

    Take advantage of our attractive rates for your journeys between stations and airports in Switzerland and Europe.

  • Private Chauffeur

    We will gladly provide you with one of our drivers for your travels.

Then our advantages:

  • Competitive rates

    Take advantage of prices up to 40% lower than those of the official Riviera tariffs, applied by most of our competitors.

  • Online booking

    Book online with us, save time and enjoy a fixed price.

  • Wide range of benefits

    Our services affect almost everyone and every need.

  • Comfort and sympathy

    Enjoy enjoyable races in our recent and comfortable vehicles with our drivers who care about your boating.

  • Methods of payment

    You can pay in cash or with a debit/credit card. We will gladly carry out for the companies of the invoices races.

  • Proximity and efficiency

    We are organized so as to come to you quickly for your errands.

Finally, the confidence that our partners have shown us:

Taxi Chaplin: More than just a race!

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